Friday, 12 January 2018

Max Factor Foundation - Review

Hello Everyone!
 So today I'm going to be sharing my thoughts on a Max Factor foundation I picked up recently and I feel as though I haven't done a review on my blog for quite a while.
  So I mainly picked this foundation up as every kind of review I saw of this foundation explained this was a cheaper alternative to the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation which is by far my favourite foundation as it looks perfect but lasts all day on the skin which is perfect. So I picked this up in the lightest shade which to be honest it's not the lightest shade I could actually have for my skin so I do need to use a lighter foundation with this to make sure it's the perfect shade for me. I will say the consistency of the foundation is quite thick which is what I like when it comes to apply foundation as I think it's much easier to work with. Lasting power I have to say this lasted quite well when it came to a full day at work but I felt as though it didn't work the best with my oily skin so when I went to touch up my make-up on my lunch (Around 1pm) it just looked so patchy when the powder was applied and it just made the foundation feel heavy on my skin meaning I would of happily taken my make-up off there and then. I love the packing as it's a glass bottle with the clear, gold and black lid which I think that just makes the foundation look more expensive. Of course there is a pump which is always a godsend when it comes to foundations. So I feel as though this will be quite a quick review but if anything I'm still not 100% on how I feel in regards of would I repurchase it as I do love the formula, lasting power and the thickness of the foundation but I just hated the fact how patchy it went and how heavy it felt on the skin half way through the day - Yes I'm picky. So I mean I do like this foundation as it's quite inexpensive but the foundations definitely works perfectly but I have to feel 100% with the foundation or of course I just don't use it as I don't feel comfortable wearing it out. So I mean if your wanting to get this foundation I would definitely pick it up to give it a go but I would by far have a search online (Ebay etc) to find a cheaper foundation as that's what I do when trying a new foundation out as I don't like to be disappointed when it comes to buying the full foundation so that's definitely an idea to think about when it comes to purchasing it.
Have your tried this?

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