Monday, 1 January 2018

Monday's Post - Happy New Year!

Hello Everyone!
Well it’s Monday evening and Happy New Year and let’s welcome 2018 with high hopes!
So I wasn’t actually going to do one of these with it been New Year but I’m scheduling these a couple of weeks in advance so feel as though I can sit and type this up and if your winding down in the evening you will have something to read! So I go back to work on the 2nd meaning I’m back tomorrow boo! I have been looking forward to the Christmas break for so long as I was ready for that little break to do my own thing, back when I needed a break from everything the Christmas break was going to be the time to get myself back on track with everything but as I sit here typing this up a few weeks away from Christmas I’m up to date with everything and I’m actually in front so the little Christmas break is actually going to be for me to just enjoy some “Me” time doing exactly what I want to do, reading, catching up on Youtube and playing Sims – Yes I’m excited to play Sims without any distractions because I haven’t played it for so long and I’m ready to just have some me time knowing everything is up to date. I’m finally in a good head space which could be because it’s a New Year or the fact I just feel a lot happier with everything. I’m loving filming YouTube videos and I’m enjoying learning more about editing and things like that. I’m loving taking blog pictures and typing the blog posts up. I also treated myself a new vlogging camera as I am wanting to get myself 100% into my YouTube channel in the New Year and want to get back into weekly vlogging but I decided on a different camera to the I was expecting to pick up. I mainly decided on this one simply because I can also use it for photography which I’m hoping to up my Instagram game in the New Year too. I will definitely do a review of the camera on my blog once I’ve used it for a while to let you know if it was worth the money or not. I feel as though this became a ramble I didn’t expect it to so I do apologise as I wanted this to be a “Happy New Year blah blah” kind of post but that didn’t happen.

In the comments let me know what you want to achieve in 2018, I will of course be doing my January Goals and I’m planning on maybe doing a post on what I want to achieve overall in 2018 but that will be coming soon on the blog.

I hope you’ve had a lovely New Year!

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