Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Wax Melt Haul

Hello Everyone!
I’m back this week with a small wax melt haul which I picked these up recently and thought I would speak about them on my blog as I’m honestly loving these at the moment.

I have an addiction to buying candles just like everyone but I do like the wax melts as I use an electric burner in my bedroom just to keep it smelling nice and to be honest I’ve just always had an electric burner and can’t really ever see myself without one so I decided to treat myself to a few new wax melts and bought them from a local shop near where I live called Scentiments but they actually have a website so if you do want to have a look the website will be linked HERE but let’s get into what I picked up.

The first one I will talk about is the Chupa Chups Strawberry wax melts which I picked these up from the £1 shop as they smelt amazing and I’m yet to burn these but you do get 12 wax melts so amazing value for £1 and we will see how well the scent is once burnt. Now onto the ones from Scentiments the 1st one I picked up was Orange & Chilli Cocoa which I picked this up as I love anything chocolate orange scented but this just smelt amazing with a little hint of the chilli it isn’t something I would normally go for but I love it. The next one I picked up was Blueberry Slushie I got this one a while back and loved the scent so wanted to pick it back up and I still adore the scent and will always repurchase it. The next one was Snow Storm this one smells exactly like a mens aftershave and I used this over the Christmas period and loved it. Next up is Parma Violets picked this up again as the scent was incredible. Last one I picked up was Drumstick Lollies and this smells identical I’m currently burning this and adore the scent so much.

Just a little more on the wax melts I of course put the full wax melt into the burner as that’s just how I prefer to burn my wax melts I know everyone does it different. These are by far my favourite wax melts to burn at the moment as the scent is just so strong and they last for so long. They all look incredible too once burnt but also inside the pots I just love these and they are so inexpensive so if you do want to try some new melts I definitely recommend the Scentiments ones which I have linked the website above where you can have a look at what scents they offer.
What’s your favourite wax melts?

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