Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Bomb Cosmetics Candle - Review

Hello Everyone!
So for this week’s post I’m going to be sharing my thoughts on the Bomb Cosmetics candle which I picked up just before Christmas.
I said in one of my previous candle hauls I buy candles and don’t seem to burn them which around Christmas I picked up so many candles and now I have so many to actually get through. I decided to pick one up from Bomb Cosmetics as I’ve always wanted to try one so I decided to pick one up now I love Bomb Cosmetics for bath bombs but never tried a candle and I have no idea why! So the scent I went for was Cherry Bakewell as I adore the Cherry Bakewell buns so I knew I would love the scent and I was not wrong this smells incredible and the scent lingers once it’s burning which is something I love when it comes to burning candles. The packaging is also something I love about these candles as I just think the tins are so cute and each packaging matches the candle or scent perfectly. I also love the inside of the candle which silly me didn’t take a picture of but the Bomb Cosmetics candles have small little wax hearts in the candle, this one is pink wax for the candle and it has 4 small little wax hearts around the outside of the candle which for this one they are pink and red which I just think it’s a lovely touch for the candle and they just look so cute. The candles to me are inexpensive which from the Bomb Cosmetic website it is £7.99 which I think is the standard price for candles but you can find the candles cheaper on other websites if you have a look around. As this is a review I will be talking about if I would recommend these candles or not and I honestly would I just think they are so inexpensive but just look so lovely. They have a range of scents and as I said the scent lingers when the candle is burning which I love. I am on a spending ban in terms of a few things this year as I need to kind of use what I have up which candles is definitely one of them so I won’t be buying any candles until I have used my stash up but I will definitely be buying some more of the Bomb Cosmetics ones starting with Chocolate Orange which I can’t find on the Bomb Cosmetics website anymore but I’ve found it on Ebay. I’m then going to try Lavender Musk and Mint Mocha (Just a few to mention!) as there’s so many I do want to try so I might have to keep trying them all.
Have you tried candles from Bomb Cosmetics?

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