Friday, 23 February 2018

Ebay Find - Morphe Palette

Hello Everyone!
  So today I wanted to share another Ebay find which I picked up recently and I honestly couldn't be happier.

 So I have always wanted to pick the Morphe palette up as it just seems to have the shades of eyeshadows I use on a daily basis so I know I would definitely use the palette but something always puts me off buying it so I decided to have a little search on Ebay and as always I find the palette I'm looking for. I love doing these reviews on my blog as I feel as though if you run a blog or enjoy make-up you feel as though you have to buy the newest palette or newest make-up product but I'm happy to buy a cheaper palette as in all honesty the quality is still as good which is why I like to do these posts to show you that you really don't need to spend much on palette's if you can't. Make-up is something I enjoy buying but sometimes spending £40+ on a palette is a bit too much for me. So now onto the actual palette you get 35 shades which range from mattes to shimmers and mainly consists of orange and brown shades which are perfect for me. The pigment in the eyeshadows is a lot better than I expected I will be honest and I really enjoy using this palette on a daily basis. I still stick to the same kind of eye look as once I've found a look I really like I don't switch it up very often. The oranges and reds are so pigmented I couldn't believe it. Now this palette was under the £10 mark and it was free delivery and honestly I'm so happy I picked this up and will definitely be looking for more to pick up and review for you. As always you can find this palette HERE if you want to pick this up.
Do you own the Morphe palette?

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