Friday, 9 February 2018

Juicy Couture Perfume - Review

Hello Everyone!
So for this week’s post I thought I would do a small review on a current perfume I am using.
I have always loved the Juicy Couture perfumes but I’m not one to buy expensive perfumes for myself as I class them more as a gift and I’m happy to buy the oil forms off Ebay for a fraction of the price yet they last a lot longer. I love to buy aftershave or perfumes as gifts for people but I’m just not that bothered, saying that I decided after a few hard months last year I wanted to treat myself and I had my eyes on this perfume since it came out and decided to get myself it, I picked up the Viva La Juicy Noir by of course Juicy Couture as I had a sample a few years back and loved the scent. I did buy it from Very as there was an offer on at the time of buying it so I did get it slightly cheaper. First off the bottle is such a lovely bottle I think that’s one of the reasons I love the perfume so much. I love the purple bottle with the black bow and of course the glass top is something I love about Juicy Couture bottles, I also picked up the 50ml bottle so it should last me quite a while. The box was also lovely but of course after blog pictures I chuck the box away. Now onto the scent which I’m not the best at describing scents when it comes to perfume but I adore anything musky rather than a floral scent and this is definitely not floral at all. I do feel as though it doesn’t last as long as I was expecting as I don’t seem to smell it towards the end of the day which is quite frustrating as it’s not the cheapest of perfumes so I would expect it to last a lot longer than it does. Either way I still adore the perfume and because it’s one of the more expensive ones I own I do feel nice when I wear this so in a way I like the perfume because of how I feel when I wear it. Would I recommend it? Yes I would as I said I do like Juicy Couture perfumes so I will always recommend them, I mean as I said the lasting power on me isn’t the greatest but it may just be myself not being able to smell it on myself I don’t tend to ask people if they can smell my perfume but overall I am happy with the perfume but I’m not 100% if I would repurchase with that being said you may love this perfume and always re-purchase it I think it’s one of those perfumes you’ll either adore or it’ll be a perfume you just use.
Have you tried this perfume? If so what’s your thought on it?

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