Wednesday, 28 February 2018

March Goals

Hello Everyone!
  So I'm here again to share my goals for the next month, I know February is a quick month but it's literally flown by in seconds and I can't believe I'm sat here typing up my goals for March.

As always let's start with the February wrap up which I will say February wasn't the greatest month for me in terms of my mindset I just didn't have the motivation for my Blog or YouTube this month so they did slightly take a back seat for a month but now onto my goals which my first one was stick to my bullet journal, I'm going to be completely honest this just failed for me and I've now gone back to my A5 planner as it just works better for me. I'm a perfectionist so a planner done by myself is never a winning plan to be fair. My next goal was read more and I'm happy to say I achieved this one and I'm currently half way through a book on my Kindle at the moment and it feels lovely to be reading again. My third goal was stick to my skincare routine and I achieved this one too my skin is definitely thanking me for it apart from the odd time of the month breakouts (Go Away!) but I'm so happy I'm looking after my skin again. My last goal was to take time for myself which I kind of achieved this but only slightly, February was a hard month for me in terms of my full time job so I kind of felt a little down in the dumps for most of the month so I needed to take time for myself but then felt guilty for leaving my Blog/YouTube on the back burner - Always the same cycle!

  Now onto my March Goals -

  Get Myself Back Into My Blog/YouTube - I kind of explained this but my Blog/YouTube took a back seat in February and I hated it because I just love creating content for them both and I feel as though I've let myself down again recently so hopefully I can get back on the bandwagon this month.
 Document More - I feel as though I seem to be very shy in terms of posting stuff on social media and I feel as though I need to document more for the future to look back on so I'm hoping to get back into weekly vlogging and posting more on social media.
  Get Back Into Exercising - I started to get into fitness at the beginning of 2018 and it put me in such a good place, work got hectic I fell off the exercise routine I had in place so I want to get back into it in March just to get myself back into my happy place.
  Worry Less - As I said work has been quite stressful recently and my mind runs 100 mph and work always seems to be on my mind at the moment but in March I need to stop worrying less as it just always gets on top of me and then I feel deflated.
  Take Some Time Away From Technology - I feel as though I'm constantly on my phone, ipad or some kind of technology so I want to spend at least one day a week just not being on my phone or anything like that and just enjoy that time away from it all. I feel as though I always need to check social media or reply to messages and sometimes you just need that little break.
What's Your Goals For March?

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