Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Small Candle Haul

Hello Everyone!
So for this week’s post I’m going to be sharing my small haul of candles I picked up over the Christmas period and I am yet to burn them.
So around Christmas I was of course shopping and I saw a few candles I decided to pick up which to be fair I have enough candles to last me well over a year but whenever I see candles I will always pick them up, I will admit I’ve now got no more space for anymore so I need to burn all of my current candles before I pick up anymore but I thought I would share the ones I did get.

B&M Wax Melts – I saw someone rave about these on Instagram I think so decided when I was in B&M to pick them up and give them a go, I love burning wax melts on a Sunday when I’m cleaning up and I always seem to change the wax melts on a Sunday too I am still yet to burn these. You do get 12 wax melts in the scents Love Hearts, Drumstick Squashies and Refreshers so I’m really excited to see how long the scents last and how strong the scents are which I did pick up two packs when I was in B&M so I’m hoping I like them.
No. 8 Aldi Candle in Orris & Sandalwood – So I picked the next three candles as a set in Aldi which I do adore the candles from Aldi as they are dupes for the Jo Malone candles and I really like the scents I’ve tried so far. This one is by far my favourite scent out of the three as it’s just more of my scent when it comes to candles and I’m really looking forward to giving this one a burn.
No. 9 Aldi Candle in Wood Sage & Sea Salt – This is my next favourite out of the three candles I picked up as this one is such a fresh scent which isn’t normally one I go for in terms of candles but I love this scent so much and again I’m looking forward to burning this one too.
No. 10 Aldi Candle in Red Roses – This is my least favourite of the three as this is definitely not my kind of scent so I may see if my Mum likes this scent and let her burn it but I just know this one is definitely not for me, it’s very sweet and floral which is just something I stick away from.

So as I said I buy candles and never seem to burn them but I seem to be slowly getting though my stash as I’ve started burning my candles on an evening when I get into bed to do my journal and read for a little before I go to sleep it just seems to help my relax and I seem to sleep a lot better which is nice.

Have you bought any candles recently?

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