Wednesday, 28 March 2018

I'm Back?

Hello Everyone!
So for today’s post I thought I would share with you the planner I am currently using.
I’ve been a little all over recently in terms of blogging etc, throughout February and the beginning of March I’ve been ill and it’s taken everything out of me meaning my blog and YouTube and my job have taken a back seat as I have just had no motivation or anything to get stuff done. I knew I needed to take some time for myself to actually get fully back to myself but because I’ve done my blog for so long I always have guilt when I take time out or decide to spend my evening reading my Kindle rather than doing some blog posts. Once I was slowly starting to feel myself again which in all honesty I’m still not 100% but I know deep down I want to get back to my blog and my YouTube which I mean my YouTube may take a little longer to get back into but I know if I start with my blog I will get back on track. I just wanted to give a small update before I carry on with this post, I decided to get my planner back out to get myself back on track which I’m currently using my Kikki K Oh So Lovely planner which I think is in the A5 size but I’m not 100%. I just adore this planner because of how lovely it is but how it keeps me on track. I am someone who likes to keep organised and if you’ve read my blog for a while now you will know I need a planner to keep my thoughts in as my mind runs 100mph so having somewhere to write my to-do list for the week just slows my mind down slightly and I definitely need that. I’m always on the lookout for a planner which will work for me and at this moment in time I’m searching through Amazon which I’ve found a few and when payday comes round I may just treat myself to a new one but I feel as though I need to be 100% on one now before I buy it as I definitely have way too many diaries… who can relate?

This post was more of a break the ice post I guess as although I’ve still been posting on my blog, I haven’t wrote a blog post for a few months and it definitely feels strange. My blog is my safe haven which I’ve always said that and I’m quite a small blogger in terms of numbers etc but that’s never interested me, my blog is just my little space where I can be creative and share my thoughts and favourites. Don’t get me wrong I get disheartened when I put my all into my blog for it still to be a small space of the internet but then I remember why I started my blog and that’s what brings back my love for my little place on the internet. I’m hoping to get myself back into the blog swing of things but I also need to be a little hard on myself to not stick to a schedule because I have to but because I want to post and I can then get my love back for blogging. I’m easing myself back into everything so I don’t feel pressured or panicked but I will definitely be back to posting once my head is back in the right place.
Have you ever needed to take a break?

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