Wednesday, 11 April 2018

April Goals

Hello Everyone!
So I’m back today to talk about my April goals and wrap up how March went for me.

I’ll start with how March went for me, it wasn’t the greatest of months as I was still ill and just wasn’t feeling myself. This is one of the reasons why I won’t be doing a March Favourites post or YouTube video as I honestly didn’t try many new products or anything like that as I just genuinely wasn’t myself. Now onto wrapping up how March went for me in terms of goals I achieved 2/5 so not bad going I guess.

The first goal was to get back into blogging/YouTube I failed this miserably as I didn’t have the right head space to be creative. My next goal was document more and again I wasn’t in the mood and to be fair I didn’t do much in March to document. The third goal was to get back into exercising again failed this miserably I honestly wasn’t in the mood to exercise at all. The next two goals was to worry less and take time away from technology and I achieved these which I was so happy about, I told myself to stop worrying as that was the main cause of why I was so ill as I was so run down because of stress and worrying. I took time away from technology because all I wanted to do in March was read so I definitely achieved that one too plus it was nice to take some time away from social media.

Now onto my April Goals;

Take Every day As It Comes - I explained above the main reason I’ve been ill is because of stress and worry I became really run down so in April I just want to take every day as it comes and not stress over little things which aren’t necessary.

Take Time Out For Myself – I want to get back into the routine of looking after my skin, drinking more water and pampering myself in April just to get myself feeling right again so this month is going to be about making myself feeling good.

Less Spending/More Saving – I need to start saving more as I want to get a big chunk of my house deposit saved this year to start off how I mean to go on so if that means spending less I need to do it. I will still treat myself but only if I really need that certain thing.

Get My Head Back Into Gear – I’ve had a strange few months from February/March so I want April to be the month I get back on top of everything and my head into the right head space for the rest of the year.

Read More – I treated myself to a new Kindle at the end of March and my love for reading is slowly coming back so I want to get back into reading properly as when I was younger I never had a book out of my hand so I really want to get back to that.

What’s your goals for April?

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