Friday, 25 May 2018

L'Oreal Masks - Review

Hello Everyone!
So today I thought I would do a review on the masks I have been testing recently as I feel as though I’ve used them enough to have a full thought on them all.
I received two of these masks well over a year ago when Luke got me them last Christmas, I used them both and found them great for my skin so decided to re-purchase them and pick up the new masks which had then come out which in total meant I was purchasing 5 new masks to try – I was so excited to be perfectly honest. Props to Luke for the photography here which actually turned out so lovely anyways back to the review, I never used to be a mask kind of person as I didn’t feel they did much to my skin – I was wrong, if you pick up the right masks for your skin they work wonders. So all these masks are by L’Oreal which is a brand I dive for in terms of skincare as I love most of their products. I will just say I mainly use a mask on a Sunday evening when I have my pamper evening, I mainly stick to just my normal skincare routine through the week.

Now onto the masks we will start with a yellow one which is a brightening mask, I have to say I didn’t have high hopes for this one as brightening products normally don’t work for me but I have been using this on the odd days when I need a little boost and it gives such a lovely boost to my skin. I then picked up the blue mask which is the blemish rescue mask which recently I’ve been getting a lot more blemishes due to changing and adding things into my skincare routine and this has definitely been helping keeping them at bay. I then picked up the pale green mask which is a purity mask now Luke got me this for Christmas one year and I honestly didn’t think it did much for my skin but I’ve been using this alongside the detox mask and I’m loving using it. I then have the black mask which is a detox mask which again this was one of those Luke picked me up too and I adore this mask, I have oily skin so anything which detox’s or cleanses my skin I just love and I will definitely always repurchase this. The last mask is the red one which is the glow mask again I didn’t expect much from this but I love pairing this with the brightening mask when as I said I’m having those bad skin days where I need a boost both those work perfectly for me.

So in terms of my overall thoughts on these masks, I do love using them as I just think they all work perfectly for me either using them on their own or pairing them together they definitely improve how my skin is looking. I did explain before I didn’t know how to make masks work for my skin but I feel as though I know my skin perfectly now meaning I know which mask I should use on a Sunday to keep my skin feeling it’s best. As I said I only use a mask once a week as I like to keep things quite simple in terms of skincare as that’s what works for me but I just adore using these masks and will definitely be repurchasing when I run out.
If you have any suggestions of masks to try please leave in the comments!
Have you tried any of the L’Oreal masks?

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