Friday, 18 May 2018

My New Venture!

Hello Everyone!
So welcome to my blog – I have a few new followers on my blog so hello! Today’s post is more of a catch up post again as I have started a new venture and would love to share it with you.
We all know I adore anything beauty related which is why I partly started my blog, I have been researching this company for a while as I wanted to try a few of the products from the company and once I realised how much of a great company it was – I wanted to be part of it. I joined in April and I’ve honestly loved it so much, I’ve become part of such a lovely team but also using products I love and all I have to do is recommend to my friends and family which I do that anyways. The company is more of a social media based company as of course your marketing the products through social media. I have decided to do a lot of reviews on my blog to give my honest opinion of the products as I always do but will be doing live videos doing my make-up on my Facebook and hopefully on YouTube when I get up and running again. I am so glad I took the jump and joined the business as I hit my first promotion within a few weeks of joining and that for me made me realise just how happy the business makes me feel and as I said I’m simply doing something I love which is buying and trying out make-up… easy right? I will leave my Facebook at the end of this post in case you do want to have a look at my Facebook. As I’m typing this I did my first live on Facebook last night and honestly it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it to – Everyone was so supportive and I felt so proud once I had done it. I did my live video on what was inside the presenter’s kit which you of course get when you join the company, I paid £69 to join and I received a bag full of products worth £220 which is crazy to me. You can see from the picture everything is full sized and I was just blown away by how much you received. All the products are such good quality I honestly can’t believe that I haven’t tried these products before. So in terms of my blog with me starting this new venture expect to see more reviews, pictures of my make-up and of course hauls of what I pick up. I’m just so excited to finally be doing something like this as I’ve been looking for an opportunity like this for so long. I’m used to doing tutorials etc from YouTube but doing live videos makes me a little nervous which to be honest once I’ve done a few I’ll be fine it’s just doing those few!

So I just wanted to do this little post to of course explain my new venture I’m doing and to explain the company I’ve joined before I start posting reviews etc of the products. As I said if you want to add me on Facebook it’s HERE which if you have any questions or queries on the products just pop me a message and I’ll try help or comment on this post and we can talk on the comments but you can also then see my live videos on my Facebook. If you are wanting to try any products and know what you want to try then you can order through my website HERE.

Let’s get this venture started!
Have you ever tried anything from Younique?

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