Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Old English Company Haul

Hello Everyone!
So today I’m going to be sharing a few of the things I received from The Old English Company to show to you all.
First off I do just want to say thank you to The Old English Company for sending these to myself in exchange for a blog post but I do also just want to say all these views are my own on the products. I have actually wanted to order a few bits from the company for quite a while but as always something came up meaning I couldn’t place an order. I was lucky enough to be able to pick what I wanted to receive so I happily picked the products I was wanting to pick up.
I will start off with the more home products which I was of course going to be putting in my bedroom as I don’t currently own my own home. I picked the mug with the “Stop and smell the coffee” slogan on it as I just thought this was lovely and the cup is very sturdy and it’s been in the dishwasher and the writing is still perfect on it so I am really happy with this. I then picked up a small compact mirror to keep in my handbag and I adored the baby pink colour with the “You Beauty” slogan in white and I just thought this was so lovely and it’s been in my handbag ever since. I then picked up two coasters which I just thought the quotes on these were adorable so I picked one up saying “Prove Them Wrong” and “My Moon and Stars” which I have put in my bedroom and just love them, again they are made so lovely and haven’t been damaged since I’ve been using them.
The next few things were the reason I wanted to order from this company for so long, I was looking for some pins to add to my backpack just to add a little something to it and they had so many pins to choose from. I managed to limit myself to four as I knew that would be enough to put on my backpack but I also picked the four I loved the most. The first one had the quote “My Moon and Stars” which I love stars, the moon and anything astrology related so I knew I’d love this. I then picked “She believed she could so she did” again I thought this one was stunning so I knew I needed this one too. I then picked up “Grow Through What You Go Through” again I just loved this quote and my final one was “Coffee First” which was always one I knew I would pick up. All the pins are so well made and all just look so stunning on my handbag I’m so happy with these.
Have you ever ordered from The Old English Company?
Again I just want to say thank you to the company for sending me these products as I said all the views are my own and I was honestly so happy with all the products.
If you want to see the Old English Company's website for the products you can look HERE.

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