Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Where Have I Been?

Hello Everyone!
I’m finally back – I took a small break again which wasn’t intended but thought this would be the best way to come back to my blog.
I didn’t intend to take a break from my blog, this time it kind of just happened. Work has been so hectic and I’ve had a few days off work but even on those days I’ve been so busy and I feel like I haven’t stopped. This seems to be the current circle for me and I’m definitely feeling drained 95% of the time. I took a break from everything, social media, my blog and YouTube and just spent my evenings reading or just pottering around. It’s been nice to have that break but now I’m just missing being busy and doing the things I love. My blog and YouTube are something I love doing outside of work as it just takes my mind off everything else but of course when you’re slowly drowning with work sitting and typing up a blog post or filming a YouTube video is definitely out of the question. I wrote a “I’m Back” post back in March and then took another break so as you can probably tell I’ve been a little all over the past few months. I have a lot of content ready to get back on track but feel as though I may take a little time to get back into my rhythm or my flow in terms of my blog again. I find my blog as an escape for the days when I’m feeling down sitting and typing a blog post has always brought my mood back up – So I hope this happens again! In terms of YouTube I’m just going to take my time with that too, I kind of lost myself with YouTube as I was trying to do videos everyone else was doing etc but I’ve realised that just takes the fun out of it. I’m going to try upload twice a week once I’m back on track. One will be a sit down video and the other will be a weekly vlog (fingers crossed!) as I used to love weekly vlogging so definitely want to get back into that.

This is one of those posts which will be a Ramble but I have so much to update you on and to explain my future plans – So a long post is worth it right? I was wanting to do a complete change of my blog but recently I’ve realised that I enjoy writing about what I post on my blog so I feel as though that won’t change. I enjoy writing about Beauty, Books and lifestyle and I’m hoping to bring fashion into my blog slightly but I’m not sure when that will happen as I don’t feel confident enough yet for fashion posts. I have a few posts coming up which are sponsored which is such a new thing for me but I am excited to get these posts up and done! So overall I’m back but it’s early days and I’m just going to take everything in my stride and hopefully will be back on track with everything soon. I also started a new venture whilst I was having my mini break which I will also be doing a post on this too. Let’s hope this time I don’t need another break as I can juggle things more efficiently but let’s see how this actually goes – I have my fingers crossed I can get back into everything.

How have you all been?

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