Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Current Planners

Hello Everyone!
  So for today's post I thought I would share my current planner/planners I am using. 
  I have finally found my feet in terms of a routine for my blog, YouTube and Younique. I know I take a lot on but it's all stuff I love so having a routine is always helpful. I know a planner will always keep me on track as I can then just glance to see what needs doing throughout the week. I have seem to try so many diaries this year so far as nothing seems to be practical and actually work for me... until I found the Busy B Busy Life diaries which are literally a god send to me. I am going to do a more in dept review on the planners in a few months once I am 100% on my thoughts but I am currently using the 2018 A5 Pretty Floral Design (I have attached a link for you) and it just works perfectly for me. It has the weeks on two pages so you can have one side of the planner for one thing and the other side for another one which I use one of the sides for Younique and the other for my Blog/YouTube so it works perfectly for me as I can then glance and see everything for that week for both my Blog/YouTube and Younique - Makes perfect sense to me! I then picked up the 2018-2019 Mid Year Busy Life Diary recently ready for August so I can do the transition from one diary to another perfectly, I adore the design on both of these planners but I am more drawn towards 2018-2019 design as I think I just prefer it but I just adore these diaries and as I said I am going to be doing an in dept review of the planners very soon. I just wanted to show you what diary I have finally decided on after using or buying far too many this year so far and this is honestly the most practical and easiest diary I have used and it's definitely keeping me so much more productive and on top of everything. I have linked both of the diaries above if you would like to check these out - honestly the best diaries ever!!
Have you ever used any Busy B diaries?

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