Friday, 22 June 2018

Favourite Bath Products

Hello Everyone!
So for this week’s post I thought I would share my current favourite bath products.
I am going to slip it into categories of bubble bath, shower gels, shampoo and body butters etc just so it’s easier to show the products but I can then give my full opinion on each product and explain why they have become my favourites so let’s get into them –
Bubble Baths
Avon Bubble baths in Bubble Gum, Chocolate Orange and Lavender – These are my favourite bubble baths as the scents are just so lovely and they all smell amazing! I love how inexpensive the bubble baths are but also how much bubbles they actually create - by far my favourites.
Treacle Moon Bubble baths in Marshmallow Hearts and Cookie Dough – These are another favourite brand when it comes to bath products as again the scents are incredible and they just smell amazing, I don’t see as much bubbles when I use these bubble baths compared to the Avon ones but I just love the packaging of the Treacle Moon ones and of course the different scents.
Shower Gels
Imperial Leather Coconut and Tiare Flower Shower Gel – I got this shower gel from the pound shop on the whim thinking it would do until I bought a new one not knowing I would adore the scent, I love anything coconut scented and the Tiare Flower just adds a warmth to the scent and I love it so much.
Imperial Leather Unicorn Marshmallow Foam Burst – As you can tell I love the brand Imperial Leather for shower gels but I do adore the foam burst shower gels for when I’m in the bath and having a good pamper, I think the foam burst are the best to use for shaving as it definitely makes it a lot easier and I love this packaging and the scent of this one.
Dove Intense Repair Shampoo – Used this shampoo for so many years now and I just feel as it does the job perfectly but it just adds a lovely shine to my hair, will always purchase this.
Schwarzkoft Supersoft Repair & Care Coconut Shampoo – Bought this a few years ago and loved the effect it had on my hair, years later it still does the same effect and it’s so inexpensive. I get this from the £1 shop and honestly I love this shampoo.
Body Butters
I Love… Body Butters in Cherry Almond Sparkle, Chocolate Truffle, Strawberry Milkshake and Tropical Island – I always pick up these body butters due to all the different scents and how amazing they smell, they work amazingly as a body butter but it’s definitely the scents that draw me to these body butters as they linger on your skin for a while once you’re out of the bath or shower.

What’s your favourite bath products?

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