Wednesday, 27 June 2018

July Goals

Hello Everyone!
  So for today's post I thought I would share my July goals with you.
  So I will start with a little wrap up on how June went in terms of Goals. June was a good month for me it was my 22nd Birthday, I had a week off work which was lovely and just felt as though I finally fell back into my routine with my Blog, YouTube and Younique. So how did Goals go for me, my first one was to make time for myself which I definitely did this as I was so ill in June in terms of a cold which wouldn't budge so I took time to make myself relax to just finally get rid of the cold. My next goal was to enjoy my time off and if i'm honest I loved it so much I didn't want to go back, I definitely needed this break and it just made my mind up on what I need to do. My third goal was to try get back into social media, my blog and YouTube and I definitely did this as I got back into weekly vlogging and filming weekly, my blog is back up to date and I was posting on social media everyday. My fourth goal was to get into a balanced routine and I feel as though I got this down to a T as I found time for myself but also kept on top of everything else. My last goal for June was to treat myself with it being my birthday and I definitely treated myself to a few things (mainly from the charity shop) but I also treated myself to a new handbag and a watch for my birthday.So now I've wrapped up June let's get into my July goals -

Put 100% into my Blog,Youtube and Younique - So this month I really want to get into my blog,youtube and Younique 100% as in June I loved getting back into everything and I love being creative in terms of blog posts and YouTube videos. In terms of Younique I need to get my bum back into gear with it as I want to put my all into it and see where it takes me - so excited!
Stick To My Skincare Routine - I fell out of love doing my skincare routine recently so kind of fell of the wagon and now my skin is completely panicking and I have so many breakouts so I am now hoping to get myself back into the routine so I can sort my skin out again.
Get Back Into Exercise - I adored exercise when I started it at the beginning of the year, again I fell of the wagon of doing it every night but it just used to ease my mind and calm me down so much when I was stressed from work or the day so I need to get back into the routine of doing it.
Buy Only If Needed - June was a bad month in terms of bills etc as my insurance renewed, I needed to renew my breakdown cover and I had my MOT which cost a lot more than I expected so in July I just want to buy if needed if not try save just a little more than usual to build it all back up from this month.
Make Sure I Relax - So I know after my week off work will be so hectic so in July I want to make sure I make time to relax just so I don't get too stressed and end up being ill again.
Do you have any goals for July?

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