Wednesday, 25 July 2018

August Goals

Hello Everyone!
So for today’s post I thought I would share with you my August goals but first let’s wrap up July.
In terms of my July goals I feel as though it was a good month for me, when I look back at the month I’m happy so I guess it was a good month. My first goal for July was to get 100% into my Blog, YouTube and Younique now I did this in July but only ½ of it as I feel as though I put my all into my Blog and YouTube but kind of let Younique go on the back burner as I just wasn’t as motivated to carry on with that but I had a few personal things happen in July so maybe that was why as Younique is more serious to me whereas my Blog and YouTube I do mainly for my own enjoyment and it’s something I love doing. My second goal was to stick to my skincare and I stuck to it 100% and my skin has honestly never been better. My third goal was to get back into exercising and I’ll be honest I didn’t even try this one this month as I just didn’t make time for it. My next goal was to only buy if needed… if you know me you’ll know this definitely didn’t happen. My final goal was make sure I relaxed and I definitely did this in July and saw a big difference in myself. Now onto the August goals;  

Save and Spend Less – This month I need to get my bum into gear and get saving and spending only if needed, I say this so much to myself but I honestly need to get back into this. I was doing so well but then things came up and I had to use my savings to pay for my car etc so this one is a must.
Stay on top of my routine – I feel as though I’ve found the perfect routine for me to do everything I enjoy whilst also making time for myself and to make time for my family etc, I’m loving the routine I’ve created and want to stick to it.
Keep Reading/Audiobooks – I’m loving reading again so I need to stick to this as it gives me a reason to escape and just get into a good book on an evening or when I want to relax I’m loving it, I’ve also started listening to audiobooks on a morning whilst I’m getting ready to get me started for the day and I’m loving listening to those too.
Get Into Exercise/Drink Water – So this was a goal for last month but I feel as though exercising for me just gives me that bit of time to just let everything out and I always feel better once I’ve exercised. I started at the beginning of the year and loved it so I need to get back to that, I also need to keep drinking as much water as I am at the moment as I’ve seen a big difference in how I feel and my skin.
Worry Less/Do What Makes Me Happy – I’ve come to the realisation only I can make myself happy so I’ve decided I need to do things for me to make me happy, I need to worry less about things I can’t control and just enjoy everything so my goal is to worry less and just make time for stuff I enjoy.

So these are my goals for August and I’m really hoping I can stick to these as I’m hoping this is my month to get myself finally back on track after a few strange months. Let’s hope so!

What’s your goals for August?


  1. I love goal posts, seems like your July was pretty positive too! I think having a routine can really help anyone feel better, and it’s important to me personally. Thanks for sharing this, it’s made me think about my goals for the following month! :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. I love Goal posts too my favourite to write definitely! I agree a routine always makes me feel so much better and I'm definitely more productive I'm glad someone else is like me:) I hope you have a good month!xo