Wednesday, 4 July 2018

How To De-Stress

Hello Everyone!
So for this week’s post I thought I would share my current tips on how I de-stress.
So I work full time and run my own business alongside that and then I have my Blog and YouTube to keep on top of so I guess you can say I’m a busy person who from time to time does get stressed, recently I have been stressed which resulted in me being ill which made me think of some ideas to “De-Stress” and I thought I would share them –

Plan Ahead – So I have found out if I plan ahead I’m less likely to actually stress about what is coming up, my Blog posts and YouTube videos I plan well in advance so I know what pictures I need to take or what products etc I need to get out for my videos. I just find this helps me relax as I’m in front so if needed I can get things scheduled etc in advance so I don’t have to panic.
Have A Dairy/Notepad – I always carry a diary and notepad with me now so I can keep on top of my week and see what needs to be done that week but I also have my notepad to make notes etc if needed again it’s just to make things a little easier for me.
Edit/Upload Video Early – This is more for YouTube but I always edit my videos in advance and get everything uploaded early so I can schedule it in and not worry about uploading it and setting it live, I also do my end card, description etc in advance too as it just makes everything easier and less stressful.
Have Some Time Out – This is a good one as I know I definitely need some time out now and again to just refresh myself and charge my batteries, I used to think having a break or time out was a bad idea but it’s honestly the best thing as it makes you come back ready to be on top of everything again.
Don’t Stress – This may seem like a silly one but it’s one I’ve finally realised, if I stress I get less done as I drain myself completely resulting in me doing nothing as I need that break. Whereas if I don’t stress I can keep on top of everything without an issue, my tip to you is if you are stressed stop worrying about it and it will all fall into place for you.

These are the 5 things I have found really help me to de-stress and keep myself on top of everything, my other tips are of course take a bubble bath, eat your favourite meal and read a good book but if I follow these tips I can keep on top of everything whilst also giving time back to myself to do the things I enjoy like reading my book, having a bubble bath or catching up on Netflix.

What’s your tips for de-stressing?

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