Wednesday, 11 July 2018

My Current Planner - Review

Hello Everyone!
So for this week’s post I thought I would share my current planner and just give you my thoughts on it.
I picked up the Busy B A5 Busy Life Diary in Pretty from Amazon as I had researched into these planners and thought this one would be perfect for me but it was also such a “Pretty” design which matches the title of the diary perfectly. I picked up the A5 size as I thought that size would work better for me which it definitely does. This diary runs throughout 2018 but I probably will purchase the mid 2018 diary as I always like to keep up with my diaries. So in terms of how the diary looks inside I did take a picture of the layout to show you which it looks like this –
So the diary includes a monthly spread, handy pockets which you can use for paperwork etc which I have found I use a lot more than expected, weekly spreads which I will go into detail in a second, notes pages and useful/personal information pages which I love these in diaries. So the weekly spreads are slightly different to a usual diary but this is what I loved about this diary. So the weekly pages are spread across two pages but it is a duplicate page which means you can spread your week out onto the two pages. On the left page I use this to plan my week out in terms of my part time business and the right page is for my Blog, YouTube and personal life for the week. I find this works really well for me as I can split it all up and can glance to see how my week pans out for everything which I just find this makes me more productive but also makes me feel a lot less stressed as I can keep on top of everything a lot more, these pages also have a reminder list which I find so useful too. There is also a small month calendar in the bottom corner of the pages and I didn’t think I would use this as much as I do – I just feel overall this diary has turned out to be everything I need in a diary but it isn’t too heavy to carry round or too big for daily use it is honestly the perfect diary for me.

So onto prices etc for these diaries as I said I purchased through Amazon but you can buy through the actual Busy B website if you would prefer as it’s the same price on either websites. So they are still selling this diary on Amazon HERE for £8.00 but you can purchase the mid-year one ready for August HERE on Amazon too for £9.91 and I honestly couldn’t see myself switching to another diary anytime soon as it’s just the perfect diary for me and works exactly how I need it to. Overall I would highly recommend this diary if you do try to juggle a few things this would be the perfect diary for you but I just love the Busy B products anyway but would definitely recommend this diary.
What diary do you use?

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