Friday, 13 July 2018

Top 3 Eyeshadow Palettes

Hello Everyone!
So for this week’s post I thought I would share the current 3 eyeshadow palette’s I’m reaching for.
I will just say all of these palette’s are by Revolution but I just adore their eyeshadow palettes and always pick up the new ones when they get released, I have done a picture of shades etc inside which I will share a bit further down in this post to then explain the pigmentation of the eyeshadows and give a little review on them all but first let’s talk about the packaging. So I will start off with the two collaboration palettes with Soph who is a YouTuber who I have watched for quite a while and knew I would definitely be picking up her palettes. So the first one which she released was just named Soph Eyeshadow palette which the packaging for this is a matte beige colour with the rose gold writing now I personally adored this packaging when it was released which of course over time it does get a bit worn which this one is thankfully a brand new palette but I just found this packaging to be stunning. Soph’s next palette was released this year and this is called Extra Spice now I knew as soon as I saw the swatches I would be picking this palette up now for this packaging it’s rose gold packaging (Love it!!) with the matte beige writing this time round now I adored the first palette’s packaging but adore this one even more I just think it’s so stunning. Now onto the other palette of the three which this one is the I Heart Revolution Nude Chocolate palette which I actually have most of the chocolate palettes by Revolution as I adore the palettes but the packaging on this is so stunning. I adore the chocolate packaging and I find this one so pretty with the chocolate part is like a white/beige colour – Love it!!
Now onto the shades and how I find them, So I will start with Soph’s first palette I just think the range of shades is incredible. You have a mixture of mattes and shimmers which range from a white all the way to a black with everything in between, so pigmentation wise these are incredible and so easy to blend out without being patchy. The shimmer shades are so pigmented a little bit definitely goes a long way as for the mattes I find the best way to apply these for me is to build up the pigmentation as I sometimes apply a little too much but again these are so pigmented. I found this palette helped me come out of my comfort zone in terms of shades/eye looks. I will definitely always repurchase this palette as I love it so much – I’m currently onto my second one (hence the brand new palette) So next palette by Soph again has such a range of shades it’s so stunning – I’m yet to come out of my comfort zone with this palette but I still love it. Again it has a range of shimmers and mattes which start from a matte beige shade all the way through to a yellow shimmer (Stunning!) I feel as though this is a palette I will again use daily as I could create some stunning looks with this. There’s shades for an everyday look to a going out look depending what you wanted. Now onto the Naked Chocolate palette which first off how stunning right? These palettes are the same they range from mattes to shimmer shades but most of these shades are nudes or browns which suit me perfectly. There is the odd pink or a red shade but all these shades are ones I would use. The shimmers are so pigmented and again the mattes blend perfectly. As you can see all these palettes have a massive mirror which I find so handy for when applying my makeup but now onto prices, I order through Revolutions website which Soph’s palettes are £10 each which I think are so inexpensive but so worth the money! The Naked Chocolate palette is £8.99 and again so worth the money – I will definitely be picking up more palettes from Revolution.
Do you own any of these?

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