Friday, 6 July 2018

Younique Eyeshadow - Review

Hello Everyone!
So for this week’s post I thought I would share my current thoughts on Younique eyeshadows.
I of course joined Younique back in April this year and I’m slowly building my collection up of the products and one of the products I’m desperately wanting to buy more of is definitely the eyeshadows, I thought I would share my current thoughts on the ones I have and will then do an updated review once I have some more in my collection. So the four eyeshadows I have are the ones I received in the presenters kit from the business which I have to say the kit was so worth the money but less of that and let’s get into what I think of the eyeshadows. So as I said I received four which two were shimmers and two were matte shades now I will explain the shade names from left to right first. We have Slick, Shrewd, Discreet and Agile. So Slick is the perfect shimmer shade for an everyday look and is so pigmented for a shimmer I just find it looks so natural and it’s such a stunning shade. The next is Shrewd which is definitely something out of my comfort zone this is a grey shimmer which when applied it actually applies evenly and isn’t patchy when applying, I find dark shimmers to always be patchy but not this one! Discreet is a very pale skin toned pink which I just apply this in the crease and it works perfectly for me. Finally we have Agile which is a matte purple shade which could come across as a purple/brown shade – I adore this! So in terms of application all these shades apply incredibly well and are not patchy whatsoever. They are all so pigmented you don’t need to apply a lot to get the correct pigment you want. The shimmer are perfect and again apply so easily, I will also just say Slick is the perfect shade for a highlighter if you had forgot yours for any reason, it gives the perfect highlight for your brow bones or all over highlight in my opinion. The eyeshadow’s are £11 each which in my opinion is the perfect price for these as the pigment is there and of course they are going to last a while, there is a massive range of shades and could easily create some amazing eye looks with these shades. The lasting power for me is all day with an eye base applied to my eyelids and as I said pigmentation is incredible.

So my overall thoughts are the eyeshadows definitely surprised me as I honestly didn’t expect to like them as much as I do, as I said there is a range of shades I am waiting to pick up but I know I’m getting my money’s worth. I of course can help you pick shades if you are wanting to create a certain eye look and will leave my Facebook HERE so if you do have any queries or questions I can help. I just honestly think these eyeshadows are so worth the money and the pigmentation is incredible.

Have you tried any of the Younique eyeshadows?

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