Friday, 17 August 2018

Favourite Face Masks

Hello Everyone!
So I thought I would share the face masks I'm currently reaching for on a weekly basis.
  I have always wanted to look after my skin since I've suffered from acne since I was a teenager so I have now started to make sure I make time once a week to give my skin a good pamper and that's where these face masks come in. I saw these and thought these looked incredible and I wasn't wrong. I seem to switch between all of them every week depending on how my skin is but I always see the results I'm needing. I apply these with the Real Techniques Foundation brush as I just find them so much easier to apply with a brush and it applies so much more evenly when I do use a brush. I normally apply these before I get in the bath and once I've had my pamper etc in the bath it's ready to be taken off.  As I said they all do different things for my skin which I will explain in a second but they all are definitely my favourite face masks I've used and I will say they are so worth the money.

  Pure Clay Purity Mask - This one is the one I use most weeks as I feel as though this one helps reduce my oils and leave my face feeling mattified but I feel as though this is the best to use weekly for me.
  Pure Clay Detox Mask - This is the mask I use when I'm needing more of a deep cleanse, I mainly use this when I've had quite a lot of breakouts just to give my skin that deeper cleanse and a "Detox".
  Pure Clay Blemish Rescue Mask - I have to say this isn't one I reach for as much simply as I don't seem to get blemish spots as I think with my acne I just seem to get those spots which are more painful and annoying but I do apply this to the problem area's some nights just to try speed up the healing.
  Pure Clay Bright Mask - I seem to do this mask at least once a month more towards the end of the month as I just love how my skin looks after I've used this as it seems to just make my skin look more awake so after a busy month I love to apply this to just give it a little pick me up.
  Pure Clay Glow Mask - So this one I adore! I love how glowy my skin does look after using this and because I have oily skin I always stick to things which mattify my face but I honestly love using this one and again this just gives my skin that pick me up when I seem to need it.

  So as you can tell I do adore these face masks for different reasons but they are the masks I always repurchase when I run out as I know I use them so much, I'm so glad I decided to pick them up when I did as I would definitely be lost without these in my pamper routine now.
Do you use the L'Oreal Masks?

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