Friday, 24 August 2018

Handbag Essentials

Hello Everyone!
  So I thought I would share with you what I class as ‘Handbag Essentials’ in this week’s post.
   I carry everything inside my hand bag which is why most of my bags are always so heavy but for some reason I just feel better knowing I have everything with me, I decided to keep this post to just my essentials as these are what I make sure are always in my handbag. You can see a full in depth what’s in my hand bag HERE if you are interested. 

Book – I love to carry my current book of choice or my Kindle as I love to read and I love to keep something on me in case I ever want to read to pass time on. I’m currently reading In The Name Of Love by Katie Price which I’m actually really enjoying. 
Mirror – I love to keep a mirror inside my handbag in case I ever need it and I recently picked this Radley one up which I picked up off Ebay and just loved the fact it was in a little pouch and it’s so compact. 
Glasses – I keep my glasses with me at all times as my eye sight seems to be getting worse so I keep these for when I’m in my car etc as I need them for long distance and these are just by Lipsy.
Purse – I of course keep my purse on me at all times for obvious reasons and this one is a recent purchase from River Island and I love it. 
Hand Sanitiser – I always keep a hand sanitiser on me as I just love to use this, I of course by the Bath & Body Works ones which this one is Hands Off My Honey which isn’t my favourite. 
Hand Cream – I love using hand cream and always have one on me, I am currently using The Body Shop’s Frosted Plum – I adore this scent!

  So these are my handbag essentials, I make sure I have these in my handbag and I just love using all of these products and always having some kind of reading material on me. 

What’s your handbag essentials?

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