Wednesday, 22 August 2018

It Only Happens In The Movies - Book Review

Hello Everyone!
  I'm finally getting round to doing a book review now I've finished a book.
  I finally feel as though I'm out of the reading slump I've been in for well over a year and a half and actually finished a book meaning I can now do a book review. So I picked up this book by Holly Bourne from Asda when I was browsing the books and saw the cover - let's just saw that drew me in. The story sounded good but it did sound predictable but was I wrong? Yes. The story was based around a girl called Aubrey who started to work in the cinema hence the popcorn on the cover technically. She believes those kind of romances in the movies don't happen in real life... true? In the book she meets Harry who also works at the cinema who I adored from the first time meeting him in the book. I also related to Audrey as a character quite a lot which is why I enjoyed this book so much. I just want to say I finished this book in like a week which is not like me whatsoever so I was surprised just how much I loved this book. This book honestly showed a relationship but in real life, it's true most of the books where romance is involved isn't how a relationship is in real life which is why I found this book so amazing to read, it was lovely to see a romance hit rough patches etc. I found this book so gripping and I loved it, as I said I expected it to be predictable but it really wasn't especially the ending. The book didn't end how I expected at all which left me feeling a little strange but I guess it was the right ending for the book and the story. I'm so glad I'm back to reading and will hopefully have more reviews coming soon!
Have you read this?

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