Wednesday, 1 August 2018

New Venture - Update

Hello Everyone!
So I thought for this week’s post I would share with you an update on how my new venture has been so far. I do just want to say I did a YouTube video on my experience so far if you’d like to check that out HERE.
If you’re not aware of my new venture you can see my post about it HERE but otherwise let’s get onto my little update for you. I have now been doing it for three months and in those months I’ve had battles to get me to where I am today but it’s been a battle I’ve loved to be part of. As I’m currently doing this post I am 80% to my second promotion. I’ve been putting my all into the business but of course life gets in the way sometimes and I’ve needed to take that break. I work full time, run a blog and YouTube channel and now do Younique so I juggle a lot but that’s the way I like it. I enjoy having twenty million things to do as it gets my creative and productive side working and that’s what I love. I love everyone who I’ve met in the business so far as everyone’s been so lovely and supportive. I feel part of a team that will push everyone to get to their goals and that’s so lovely to me. I did take a week or so off as I needed to have a little break but then it made me realise I had let myself down which is a shame but back to it and let’s hit these goals.

I make myself personal goals for what I want to achieve from the business and the business makes me want to be productive and hit the goals so to me I can only say the business brings out the good in me. I’ve been listening to self-development on a morning to just start the day off right for me and I’ve seen a massive difference in how I feel about myself and how my day goes. I will keep doing updates as I want to track my progress myself so as I’m writing this I’m currently at 80% to my next promotion – let’s hit it!

Just so you know you can check out any products HERE if you fancy a look.

Have you ever tried Younique?

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