Wednesday, 29 August 2018

September Goals

Hello Everyone!
 So for this week’s post I’m going to be sharing my September goals with you. 
I will first speak about how August went for me in terms of goals, My first one was to save/spend less and to be fair this didn’t go too bad I saved my amount I wanted to and didn’t spend as much as I normally would. My second goal was to stay on top of routine which I stuck to this religiously in August and was so productive. My third goal was to keep reading and listening to audiobooks and again I stuck to this and I loved it. My fourth goal was to get into exercise now I didn’t do an exercise routine but I did actually go for long walks and stuff in August so I guess I achieved this too. My last goal was to worry less and do what makes me happy and I genuinely did this and felt so much happier. Now let’s get into my September goals; 

Save More – I keep adding this one to my goals but I genuinely need to get into saving properly for my house deposit so I need to add more into my savings this month. 
Keep up to my Youtube/Blog Schedule – I have made myself a schedule and need to stick to it so I just want to make sure I keep on top of everything so I can just enjoy been creative. 
Buy Christmas Presents – I am a bit behind with buying Christmas presents this year so I need to get buying some more to get my shopping list down. 
Drink More Water- I need to get back into the routine of drinking water so in September I need to get back into using my Hydrate M8 bottle.
Practise Meditation – I used to love meditation and for some reason I stopped it so I want to get back into it just to keep my mind at ease.

These are my goals for September which I’m hoping to have a good month in terms of goals as August was such a good month for me in terms of my goals.
What is your goals for September?

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