Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Favourite Music

Hello Everyone!
  So for this week’s post I thought I would share with you my current music favourites.

  Music has always been something I have loved as I can listen to music and my mood can instantly lift and I kind of forgot how much music can help when I’m having a bad day. So I’ll share my current favourite songs then go down to the playlists I’m also loving.

Songs –

 Intimate – Yungen ft Craig David – So as soon as I heard this song I just loved it and it’s one of those songs that just gets me in such a good mood.
  Eastside – Benny Blanco, Hasley and Khalid – I didn’t expect to like this song as much as I do but I honestly love it and it’s on repeat at the moment.
  Sober – Luke Christopher – Found this song on Friday’s new releases on Spotify and honestly I love this so much and I’ve never heard of the artist before but will definitely look more into his songs.
  No Drama – James Hype ft Craig David – Again I found this on Spotify and as you can tell I really like Craig David and this song is so good it’s definitely been on repeat.
  Body – Loud Luxury – I heard this song on the radio and loved it but didn’t know the name of it until I found it on the below playlist so glad I found it!
Breathin – Ariana Grande – Everyone adores Ariana Grande and this is the song I’ve currently been 
On repeat I just love it. 


This is Ne-Yo – I have always loved Ne-Yo as an artist and on day I just wanted to listen to his old songs so I found this playlist on Spotify and I love it! It has all his old and new songs it’s so good.
This is Sam Smith – Again Sam Smith is an artist I love and this playlist is so good when I want to just have a sing along I love listening to this on a Sunday as it just puts me in such a good mood.
Essential Pop – I wanted a playlist which I could sing along to in the car and this is the one.
Motivational Speeches – The Best Motivation Speeches & Music – This is a little strange but sometimes I need that little pick me up, and this just does the job for me I highly recommend listening to this when you need that little bit of a push. 

What’s your current favourite music?

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