Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Catch Up

Hello Everyone!
  So for this weeks post I thought I would share what's currently going on.
I thought this would be quite a good post to do every so often to just update you on what I've been doing and what's going on, I started my blog as a diary talking about the things I love and just somewhere for me to chat. I feel as though in the last year maybe more I've forgotten exactly why I started my blog and well I miss how it used to be. So I thought I'll get back to that by doing one of these posts - They may be a little bit of a ramble but that's why I loved my blog. So in terms of my blog I do just want to say I have been having issues with my font and text size which for some reason wont change on my previous posts but I'm hoping I may have sorted that problem (Fingers Crossed!).

So let's start this chat with my Blog and YouTube, I said I wanted to get back into my blog and YouTube 100% after my recent break and that is still going to happen but I'm going to get back into a routine with my blog first and make sure I'm happy with my blog content before getting back into my channel. I feel as though a lot of things may change in the upcoming months simply because what I started my blog for was beauty and even though I still adore makeup and beauty I just feel as though I don't have that love for upcoming beauty products and things like that so im going to start adding new stuff into my blog to get my passion back for writing but writing about things I love which right now is books, TV and Fashion but of course I will still be adding beauty posts into my blog it just may not be as much as before. In terms of YouTube again I feel as though my content may change on there too but again I will be sticking to what I love like my weekly vlogs and favourites videos.

In terms of my life and work, Work is very hectic as usual which is why I don't want to rush myself back into YouTube and my blog to then just drain myself. My job is quite demanding and stressful but I feel as though since my break I have finally found that routine of giving myself some "Me" time to just recharge my batteries but also be productive with my blog. Life is going well for me at the moment, I of course have my down days but I've recently had more good days than bad days. I'm currently spending my weekends Christmas shopping and spending time with my family which is what I love at the moment. Evenings after work are just spent either having a pamper night, reading or watching TV and I'm loving it.

So I think that's everything I need to update you on at the moment, Of course this update is quite a long one as I had a lot to update you on since my break but I'm going to try do these at least once a month so they shouldn't be as long and more straight to the point.

How is everyone?


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