Wednesday, 3 October 2018

October Goals

Hello Everyone!
So I’m back again to share with you my goals for October.

I will start by doing a wrap up on how September was for me in terms of goals, I did achieve a few but it wasn’t the greatest month as I just wasn’t 100% and I knew that would put me off doing many of my goals so in terms of my September goals my first one was to save more which I did actually put into my savings in September so I did achieve that one. My next goal was to keep up with my Blog/YouTube which I failed so much at this as I just had no motivation to do any posts but I’m back now. My third was to buy Christmas presents which I achieved this without even thinking about it, I had no intentions of buying any Christmas presents but ended up buying quite a lot which was good. My next goal was to drink more water which I failed at this one and my final one was to practice meditation which again I failed at that too. Now onto my October goals; 

Buy More Christmas Presents – So in October I want to carry on buying Christmas presents which I’m doing really well so far so I feel like I will achieve this one. 
Get Back Into My Blog 100% – As you all know I had another little break from my blog which I had posts scheduled but hadn’t been on my blog for a while so in October I want to get back into creating content every week and just enjoying my blog again, once I’m back to it I’ll slowly start YouTube again. 
Spend Evenings Doing Things For “Me” – I feel as though recently I’ve done things to make everyone else happy but in October I’m going to spend my evenings doing things I want to do, whilst I’m not currently doing YouTube it frees my evenings up slightly so I can do things I want to.
Spend Only If Needed – Save! – So I’m always wanting to get saving and I’m doing well so far but this month I’m going to only buy if needed so I can get myself on top of everything including my savings.
Worry Less – In September I was back to worrying about anything and everything! So in October I want to try and stop worrying about things I can’t seem to control.

Let’s see how well I do in October and hopefully I can stick to my goals!
What’s your October goals?

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