Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Planner Of The Month

Hello Everyone!
  So for this week’s post I thought I would share with you the planner I am currently loving and using.
 I picked this planner up from a company called Busy B which I saw their planners or diaries on Amazon and loved how pretty they were! So I decided to have a look and see if any suited me. I found the “Busy Life Diary” and knew that one would work perfectly for me. I ended up picking up the 2018-2019 one as my old one was definitely on its way out but I know I will be picking up the 2019 one so this one is just temporary. I pick the “Pretty” design as it just suits me to a T and the reason I love these diaries is because you get the weekly spread twice so on one side I use it for my Blog and YouTube stuff and the other side I use for my personal stuff and work related stuff. It just makes everything easier for me to view the week and see if I have much going on, it’s honestly the best diary I’ve ever found that keeps me organised and it’s not a massive or heavy diary so is perfect for me to carry round on a daily basis. The diary has monthly spreads, contact lists, reminder pages, note pages and handy little pockets for paperwork or letters etc. 
This is honestly the best diary I have ever purchased as it just ticks every box for me, I have tried so many diaries and none seem to fit what I need but this one is honestly so perfect and I highly recommend if your someone like me who has a lot on but likes to keep on top of everything. The diaries are not too expensive as this one is £10.95 which I don’t think is too expensive but to me it’s so worth the money. 
What’s your current planner?

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