Friday, 2 November 2018

Favourite Eye Palette Of The Moment-

Hello Everyone!
  So for this weeks post I thought I would share my current favourite eye palette.
  I have had this eye palette in my collection for so long now and I always seem to go back to it and remember how much of a lovely palette it actually is. So the palette is the Zoeva Rose Gold palette which I received for my birthday a while ago and to be honest I love it a lot more than I expected. So in this palette you have 10 shades which are a mixture of mattes and shimmers which is what I go for when it comes to eye looks. I adore the packaging of Zoeva palettes as I just think they are so stunning and I feel like I need to pick more of the Zoeva palettes up but I just haven't got round to picking any more of them up at the moment (Christmas Present maybe?) I find the shades so easy to blend and so pigmented, I will admit I feel as though the shimmer shades are a bit harder to get the pigment onto my lid but I may have to try wetting my brush with fix plus and see if that adds to the pigment but apart from that as it's not a big issue to me as I just keep applying to the lid until I am happy I do really enjoy using this palette for an every day look for work. If you have any suggestions for any other Zoeva palettes do let me know in the comments as I may ask for one for Christmas as I do want some new makeup but prefer to spend my money on more important things at the moment... Christmas presents.
Have you used the Zoeva Rose Gold palette?

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