Wednesday, 7 November 2018

November Goals

Hello Everyone!
  So for this weeks post I'm going to be sharing what my November goals are.
 I will start by giving a wrap upon how October went for me in terms of goals and I honestly had such a good month for my goals and when I sat down to see how October had been for me I was surprised I had actually achieved them all. October was a quiet month for me in terms of what I was doing as I was just generally spending my time doing things for me to just recharge my batteries after a few busy months. So my first goal was to buy more Christmas presents which of course I achieved as I bought quite a lot of my presents in October which is always good. My next goal was to get back into my blog and of course I achieved that too as I'm still here posting blog posts and I've definitely found my passion for my blog again. My next goal was to spend evenings doing things for 'Me' and again I achieved this as I spent my evenings reading, watching TV and playing Sims. My next goal was to spend only if needed and to save more which this was my first month I only spent if needed and it was mainly on Christmas presents and I put into my savings this month too. My last goal was to worry less and again I achieved this I seemed to find a mind set of not worrying as much and thinking I can only do what I can do or I cant help fix something that is out of my control. Now onto my November goals;

Get Back Into A Routine - I have kind of fell out of a routine recently and although its nice to have a break I do like to have some kind of structure so I just want to make myself a routine for every day, like having my breakfast at a certain time etc so it's going to be a routine to find around my every day life, my work schedule and blog stuff.
Read More - I feel as though this year I have finally got back into reading and I'm so glad. Reading is one of my favourite things to do and I just want to get back into reading at least every day even if it's just a chapter as I have so many books on my TBR I need to get through them all.
Skincare Routine - This kind of fits with my first goal but I want to get back into doing my skincare every day as I definitely see a difference in my skin when I do stick to it so I need to get back into it.
Drink More Water - I need to drink more water or at least make the effort as I hardly drink enough which is why I get so many head aches etc so I want to try and drink more in November.
Finish Christmas Shopping - In November I want to get the rest of my Christmas presents so I then just need to buy the small things like wrapping paper, tags and gift bags. I like to get my shopping done early so I don't stress and I'm so glad I've nearly got it all done.
What's your November Goals?



  1. Lovely post and goals, well done for October too! Having a routine is important to me also, it keeps me feeling well. I’m the same with Christmas shopping, I like to do it earlier so I can enjoy the festivities and relax. Happy November! :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Aww thank you so much! I definitely had a good October in terms of my goals :) I agree a routine just keeps me in the right place and thats when I'm more motivated definitely! Yes thats so me I like to get it done so I don't have to stress and can enjoy the festive period :) thank you for reading!xx