Friday, 9 November 2018

October Favourites

Hello Everyone!
  So for this weeks post I thought I would share with you my favourites from October.

  I will start off by explaining how October was for me which it was a lovely month if I am honest, work was hectic as always but I just seemed to worry less and genuinely enjoyed the month. I spent my evenings reading, watching TV and just recharging my batteries. I got most of my Christmas shopping done in October and just overall felt like this month was my month to get back on track, I got back into my blog and have started planning my YouTube channel and content but not sure when I'll actually get back into YouTube. So now lets get into what I loved in October;

Younique Foundation in Scarlet - So I'm seeming to have a love/hate relationship with foundation at the moment as I just don't seem to like the finish of any foundation at the moment but I've been sticking to this as I know the shade is perfect for me, it gives me full coverage and lasts all day.
W7 Blusher in Cookie Crumble - I picked this blusher up a while ago and it's actually one of my favourites still as I just love the shade of it. The shade is a very pale brown shade with shimmer and it just adds a natural glow to my cheeks I love it.
Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer - I've had this in my collection for so long and always go back to it when I need to use a bronzer I know will work as I said I'm not having the greatest time with makeup at the moment but I just love the bit of colour it adds to my face and I love it looks like a chocolate bar.
The Balm Mary - Lou Manizer Highlighter - Again this is an old product but I still love it, I just love the effect it gives to my face and I know it will last all day when I've applied it.
Younique Lipstick in Loaded - This month I've been reaching for more deep red shades as it's coming into Autumn and this is the shade I've been going for, it's such a lovely deep brown with a hint of red and just looks stunning on the lips. I love these lipsticks as they apply so easily and have such a lovely formula.
Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipgloss in 05 Simply Be An Icon - I love these lip glosses as I'm all for matte finishes at the moment and this is just amazing, as I said I'm going for red shades this month and this was perfect. I just apply over the top of the lipstick and it's the perfect combo.
Treacle Moon Wild Cherry Magic Hand Cream - I have been using hand cream non stop this month as towards the colder months my hands get so dry, I love the treacle moon hand creams and this scent was a new one I had never seen before but I love it and the scent lingers on the skin.

Polaroid by Jonas Blue, Liam Payne and Lennon Stellar - I heard this on Spotify and instantly just loved it and it's been on repeat since.
Without Me by Hasley - I found this on the new music Friday playlist and it's just one of those songs which took my by surprise and again it's been on repeat.
Empty Space by James Arthur - This song came out towards the end of October and we all know by now I love James Arthur as an artist so I knew I would love this song before it came out so it's no surprise it's in my favourites.
Cheatin' by Nathan Dawe - I found this song on the new music Friday playlist and I always seem to listen to songs like this when I need a little boost and it always does the trick.
Back & Forth by MK, Jonas Blue and Becky Hill - I heard this on the radio and never knew who it was by but knew I liked it, I found it on a playlist on Spotify and was so happy to have found it.
Reading - In October reading was something I spent most of my time doing and I really enjoyed it, I finished around 3 books in October which isn't a lot to some people but to me that's a massive thing but I feel as though I've finally got back into it and love it so much.
YouTube - I fell out of love with YouTube for a while but this month I've really enjoyed just spending my evenings watching videos and feel as though I'm slowly finding my love for it again.
2019 Diary - I picked up a new diary from TK Maxx as I am wanting to get myself back into a productive routine and a diary always helps and this one was just so pretty (I will do a blog post on it) so I've planned my next few weeks and I'm ready to go.
What was your favourites in October?

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