Wednesday, 9 January 2019

2019 Goals

Hello Everyone!
  So for this week's post I thought I would share with you my goals for 2019.
  So unfortunately I never did a 2018 goals post which is annoying as I wanted to re-cap on how well I had done a year later but never mind let's just get into what I want to achieve in 2019;
Keep Saving - I finally got into saving for a house deposit last year and I just want to carry on saving this year to get closer to my goal of owning a house.
Pay Debts Down - So I'm currently getting towards paying my debts off and this year I want to just carry on paying my monthly payments to get them down so I can finally be debt free again.
Eat Healthier/Exercise More - This year is the year I want to get back into exercising more and actually having a proper diet so I'm hoping I can slowly ease my way into this one.
Have 'Me' Days If Needed - This is a big one for me, I know I need 'Me' days so I can recharge and just have a little pamper but I always feel guilty because I'm not being productive but I know this year if my body tells me I need to have one I'm going to.
What's your 2019 goals?

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