Wednesday, 2 January 2019

January Goals

Hello Everyone!
  So Happy New Year and welcome back to my blog, for this week's post I'm going to be sharing with you what my goals are for this month. 
  So I didn't actually get to do a December goals post on my blog as December was a very hectic month for me which I am going to do a little Life Update post soon so you will understand why but I just decided to give myself a little break and get back into my blog in the New Year so here we are, Let's get into my January goals;
Get Into A New Routine - So I want January to be the month where I start as I mean to go on so I want to get myself back into a routine so I can be productive but also have some time to just relax and unwind. 
Get Back Into My Blog/YouTube - So last year was slightly a fail from July onwards in terms of my Blog and YouTube as I just couldn't get my creative mindset back so I kind of failed to get back into everything and this year I want to fully get back to what I enjoy outside of work.
Skincare Routine - This year I want to get back into a daily skincare routine as I know my skin is always better when I stick to a routine and I know my make-up applies so much easier too I just get lazy and fall out of the routine of doing it daily.
Spend Only If Needed - This year I am wanting to be a bit more smarter with my money as I know I spend so much on unnecessary things sometimes and I want to be smarter this year. 
What's your January goals?

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