Friday, 11 September 2020

Favourite Scents


So I thought this week I could share with you the scents I'm currently loving as I haven't done one of these for a while and I wanted to talk about the brand. 

So I'm a massive fan of buying perfume and I do love all the expensive brands but just hate paying the price of high end perfume so I found a brand on Ebay which do dupes of the perfumes I had always wanted to try and I can easily say I've been buying these perfumes for 2-3 years maybe more, whenever I need a top up I just buy a new bottle and I don't feel guilty as they range from £11 upwards depending on size etc. 

The brand is called Perfume 24 which you can just search on Ebay and they come up but I haven't found any perfume yet that I haven't liked when its arrived, they also do mens aftershave also so thats helpful for present ideas etc. The packaging is standard but for me thats not a problem as my perfume isn't on show anyway so I don't mind the fact its quite simple packaging. The longevity of the scents for me has been amazing as they last and I get compliments on the scents so overall I'm happy and for the price of each bottle I'm able to try other scents I wouldn't normally pick up because of their price. I'm so glad I finally found these on Ebay and will never stop purchasing! So let's get onto my current favourites - 

La Vie Est Belle - I tried the tester of this in Boots and adored the scent but £50 for a bottle is just a no for me so when I found it on Ebay I was so happy, this scent is by far my most used and I have to admit I will purchase this again and again because its just one of those scents I now class as a "Me" scent, I find this quite a musky scent with a slight hint of sweetness its hard to explain this scent but for me this is the one I get compliments on whenever I wear it - 100% my favourite scent right now. 

Olympea - This is another scent I seem to repurchase as again its just one of those scents I reach for, this is definitely a love or hate one I think as not everyone seems to like this scent when I wear it but for me I just love it. This scent is again a hard one to explain as its still a musky scent but definitely isn't as sweet smelling as La Vie Est Belle. This one for me lasts the longest as even I can smell it on myself hours later after I've applied it, another scent I will always repurchase. 

Armani SI - This scent I'm sure everyone knows about but this was one of those scents I'd always wanted to purchase as I knew it was one of those scents which I was drawn to but the price always stopped me. This was one of my all time favourite perfumes and it still is but I don't seem to wear it as much now. This is again another musky scent (Can you tell I'm drawn to musky scents!) I have to say this is another one I get compliments wearing but I just haven't picked it up in a while but it'll always be a favourite.

Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb - This was always a scent I stopped myself trying as the name to me made it sound quite sweet and those kind of scents just don't seem to work for me and I try to stay away from them. This pleasantly surprised me when I picked it up though as I don't find it too sweet and when I do wear it I do actually enjoy the scent of this one, I have to admit I don't reach for this one as much as I'd like to but this still falls under the "Favourites" in my collection. 

Mon Paris - This is one of my most recent purchases in terms of perfumes and I'm so glad I picked this up! I saw this advertised in Boots and completely forgot to ever smell the tester but I saw it and thought I'm picking it up anyway because as I said the £10 I'm spending on the bottle isn't a massive loss if I'm not keen on the scent. I just adore this scent so much I seem to wear this on evenings when I'm going out for food or something as the scent is quite musky but just reminds me of quite a "Flirty" scent which may sound odd but this is definitely one of those scents I'd wear then I've got dressed up and I'm off out somewhere. I honestly adore this scent and I think it will become one of those I use regular. 

What's your current favourite scent? 

Meg xo 

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