Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Five Years From Now - Book Review


I thought I would share with you my favourite book of 2020 so far and I don't think anything could top this book for me this year. 

Paige Toon was the first author I ever picked up when I started getting into reading and even now years later she's still my favourite author. This book I tried to pick up back in I think 2018 when it came out and I just couldn't get myself to actually connect to the characters or the storyline so I put it down thinking I would pick it up again sometime soon - I'm not sure why I did this as I honestly missed out on this book first time round! So I decided in 2020 this was a book I had to read by the end of the year as I had seen quite a few reviews about it and thought this sounded like my kind of book. This year has been by far my best ever year for reading which could of been because I was at home for a few months like everyone else and seemed to find myself picking a new book up every few days but I also seem to actually put time aside to read now which is lovely. 

I'm going to try keep this as spoiler free as I can because in my opinion this book is much better going in blind as its just such a magical book! It follows a boy called Van and a girl called Nell who become half sister and brother due to their parents getting together. This story basically follows their lives every 5 years which you would expect it to be quite choppy with you missing 5 years of their life each time but honestly its just such an amazing book. The book follows Nell and Van reach their teenage years and their first relationships to first jobs and then into their adult lives when they have children and are more settled down I just loved following their lives. The end of this I was a complete mess and I haven't been like that with a book for such a long time and for days after I finished it I just couldn't stop thinking about the characters as I had just got so invested in them and by the end I just didn't want this book to end. I adore pretty much any story Paige Toon writes but this for me was on another level and I genuinely don't think any book could top this for me. 

I will admit the first two chapters I did find it quite slow as it was obviously getting you into the story and make you familiar with the character but once I got past those few chapters I was hooked and I couldn't put this book down. In a way I'm kind of upset I didn't pick this up back when it first came out but I'm so glad I picked it up and now and it definitely didn't disappoint. If you haven't read this book but enjoy romance or chick lit kind of books I would definitely recommend you picking this up. 

Have you read Five Years From Now?

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