Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Igniting Ivy - Book Review


I thought I would start my book reviews off with the most recent book I've just finished on my kindle. 

I've had this book on my kindle for quite a while now due to me getting Kindle Unlimited and I have so many books recommended to me and for some reason I just hadn't picked this one up. Reviews were quite mixed when I had a look on Goodreads (My Goodreads is linked!) in regards to the main character Ivy and I have to admit I did find her quite frustrating to start with as she was of course dealing with some kind of grief but once you get through the first part of the story she does become a character you are wanting the best for! So the main concept of the story is Bass and Ivy meet in Hawaii and end up having a romance whilst they are both there and the rest unfolds once they are both back from the trip. 

I genuinely was hooked from the first few chapters, Bass was a character I fell in love with straight away as he was just so romantic towards Ivy and I just wanted the best for him. Ivy as I explained was a frustrating character but by the end I was so connected to her character I was quite emotional by the end of the book. This book is one of those I will remember for a while as I was just so invested in the story and I'm kind of sad at the fact I've only just got round to reading this, I adored that Bass was a fire fighter as I think that just added to the story and throughout the story you saw little snippets of his job which I thought was a nice extra! The romance was very quick and by the end of the story it had got quite serious but honestly when I'm reading these books I'm not expecting a "realistic" romance or relationship. 

This book took you through the highs and lows of Bass and Ivy and their relationship and I was so invested. The book ended with such a different ending to what I expected due to things happening in the storyline which I don't want to give away but it of course ends with a happy ending. I just found the ending so bittersweet and I was quite emotional when I finished the book. It took me around two days to finish this on my Kindle which I do read quite quick when I'm using my Kindle but I honestly didn't want to put this book down once I was invested, I'm sure this is the first book in a series so will definitely be picking up the next book in the series without a doubt. If you enjoy a steamy romance and anything relating to a fire fighter I would definitely recommend this book! I gave it 4/5 stars simply because it didn't blow me away and I did find the first part of this book to be frustrating so couldn't rate it a 5 star but adored it enough to make it a 4 star for me. 

Have you read the "Men On Fire" series? 

Meg xo 

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