Friday, 4 September 2020

I'm Finally Back!


It's been quite a while since I posted on here and thought I best come back with a "catch up" kind of post.

I think the last time I sat down and typed up a blog post was the end of 2018 and if I'm honest I knew at that point it would probably be the last time I did a blog post as I had fell out of love with the whole blogging experience. If I was to skip to a year and a half or more and see myself typing another blog post I wouldn't of believed it. 

A lot has changed since I did my last post which is why I thought this post would be necessary before I get back into my blog. I didn't share a lot of my personal life on my blog but some may know I was in a long term relationship which ended at the beginning of 2019 and I think I can finally say I've nearly healed from the situation I was in but I'm no where near where I want to be as of yet. I still work in the Construction industry as a PA but I think my idea of that being my "forever" job has definitely changed in maybe the past year so I'm not sure how that will change in the future. My intrests have completely changed since I started my blog I do still enjoy makeup and beauty products but high end doesn't interest me anymore I'm more for the cheap alternatives which are dupes for the high end stuff. I'm more into reading or watching tv shows and films. I rarely go shopping in high street shops now as I much prefer having a browse in a charity shop to find bargains and I'm happy to admit that. 

 I'm not sure what avenue I want my blog to go down now but I feel like it will mainly be based around books, the odd lifestyle post or a beauty post explaining my current favourites or my skincare routine I'm just not sure what I'm wanting to post at the moment but came to the realisation recently I do actually miss having my own little space on the internet and wanted to get back into it so I guess this is the start of it again! I'm planning to do two posts a week but will see how that fits as some weeks I'm quite busy with work. The plan is to have a book related post or review on a Wednesday evening and then either a life or beauty post on a Friday evening just to switch it up on my blog so its not as repetative as before. 

I hope everyone is well and let's just say I've missed this!

Meg xo 

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