Friday, 27 November 2020

Current Favourite


I haven't done a favourites post on my blog so thought why not show you what I've been loving recently.

I have to admit most of this year I think like everyone else I haven't worn much makeup but on the days I actually have to go into the office to catch up on work I do of course make a little effort so I thought I would show you the odd bits of makeup which I have been loving - 

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in 1C0 Shell - This is my all time favourite foundation and I just love the coverage and how it sits on my skin and it lasts all day without me having to touch up so for a full day at work this is perfect and it will always be a foundation I pick up.
Revolution Pro Sculpting Bronzer in Bahia - I've had this bronzer for quite a while now and it's just my go to bronzer when I wear makeup as it brings the warmth back to my face once I've applied my foundation and concealer and it's not too dark for my skin which I like. 
La Vie Est Belle Perfume by Perfume24 - As you may of seen from my previous post I love this brand for perfumes and this perfume is definitely one of my favourites, it's definitely a scent which just makes me feel good so it will be one I will always repurchase. 
Revolution Highlighter Reloaded in Just My Type - This is a new highlighter which I picked up a while ago when I placed an order and I just love the shade of this for me, it has a gold hint which is always what I go for in highlighter and it just looks stunning once applied. 
I Heart Revolution Chocolate Lipgloss in Mint Chocolate - This lipgloss is by far one of my favourites I own, the shade is the perfect one for me as I go for more brown tones as I think it suits me better and it smells incredible! 
Revolution Matte Lipstick in Bon Bon - The matt lipsticks from Revolution are ones I will always pick up as I love them, I prefer when I'm at work to have a lipstick which doesn't fade too much throughout the day and these lipsticks are perfect for that, the shade is a very deep pink shade but with the lipgloss over the top its the perfect duo for me and it lasts all day. 

I wanted to add these into this post as of course being home a lot more this years means I have had to find things to do in my spare time which Netflix is all well and good but after a while I do get slightly bored of watching tv series and movies so decided to spend my time doing things which I found I enjoyed. I have always enjoyed reading but 2020 for me has been a year where I reached my Goodreads reading goal for the year by March and I've read so many books this year and seem to spend most of my free time reading which I did say 2020 I wanted to spend my spare time off my phone and spend it being productive and having better habits like reading books which I have definitely done that, I do read my books mainly from my Kindle Paperwhite but I do love a physical book every now and again. 

The other favourite has been my Nintendo Switch which of course I picked up the Animal Crossing version of the Switch when it came out and I just love it. I do have to admit I used this more during lockdown compared to now but I do still enjoy it every now and again. I just think its a great way to escape if you need to just be transported somewhere for a while and this helps for the nights when I don't want to get into my book or watch something on tv it's just another great thing to spend my time doing. In terms of games I have to admit its still Animal Crossing, Mario Kart or an all time favourite game of mine is LA Noir so overall I'm just loving spending my time on my switch. 

What's your current favourites?

Meg xo 

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