Friday, 18 December 2020

Beau Reve - Perfume Dupe


Today I thought I would share my thought with you on a current perfume dupe I picked up recently.

This is the Beau Reve perfume which I picked up from my local pound shop as I had seen quite a few reviews saying it was a dupe for the La Vie est Belle by LancĂ´me perfume which is one of my all time favourite perfumes so I knew I had to pick this up and give it a go. So bottle wise it's quite simple but I don't actually display my perfumes anymore so the bottle isn't a big thing for me but if that is something you want from a perfume in terms of a display type of bottle then this wouldn't maybe work but for a £1 I think the bottle is perfectly fine and sometimes simple is better. The bottle is 100ml which I think is incredible for the price and I have to say because of the price I'm happy to keep this in my handbag for when I'm at work as I'm happy to replace it for a £1 if I start to run out. 

I thought I would start by talking about the packaging and then onto the scent so for me this smells identical to the La Vie est Belle perfume so that was a massive bonus for me when I first tested it which of course for the price you can't expect it to last all day but because of the price you can just reapply in the afternoon if you want to. The notes for me just smell so similar I love it, I did also purchase the body spray in this and it smelt the same which was lovely to use too but I can't seem to find that anymore so I just stick to the perfume. I just think the scent is such a feminine scent and I always feel amazing when I wear it which is why its one of my most worn perfumes. I have to admit I've started using this on a daily basis and keeping my actual La Vie est Belle perfume away for when I know I want it to last (I haven't needed it this year obviously!) but I just love it and for the price as I said I'm happy to repurchase it. 

I would highly recommend the perfumes from the Poundshop if you haven't tried them before as they have so many dupes in if this one isn't your kind of scent, of course lasting power isn't all day but you can justify that with the price. I think it just makes it a lot more accessible for people to pick up perfumes and treat themselves when the price of the perfume is a £1 - All for treating yourself if your on a budget!

Have you tried any perfumes from the Poundshop?

Meg xo 

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