Wednesday, 9 December 2020

Daisy's Vintage Camper Van - Book Review


So today I'm back with another book review which I've decided to do book reviews every Wednesday of the week just to give my thoughts on the books I may of finished which of course this year has been one of my best for reading so I have a lot of reviews to catch up on. 

Ali McNamara has been an author I have always picked up simply because of the beautiful covers and they are all the same so I have got a little collection going on my bookshelf but this year I decided to actually get them read to see how I find the writing style and I was so surprised! I can now say she has became one of my favourite authors and I will definitely pick up any more releases she does. So this book follows Ana who receives a camper van from her best friend she decides to head to Cornwall and get the van done up and whilst she's there she finds postcards in the upholstery of the camper van which are from 1950's which Ana takes as a sign to find the owner to give the cards back to the rightful owner. The book takes you on the journey with Ana to her getting the camper van back to perfect condition and she ends up being happy too. 

This book pleasantly surprised me as I did expect it to be slightly predictable which to a certain degree it was predictable but in other aspects I was completely wrong. Ana was a character I adored throughout the book. We then meet Malachi which throughout the book I knew there was something about him which I couldn't add up until the end of the book which did shock me! Noah and Jess were characters I again adored but again Jess was a character I couldn't figure out. The romance in this book was definitely a slow burn romance which to me made it even more special for this book. Noah was a bit mysterious for me but by the end I understood why. Ana finds the postcards in the camper van to then go on the hunt to find the owner which this part of the story I just didn't expect at all so it did throw me off but by the end I just found it so emotional, I loved this book book so much throughout but the last 50 pages definitely made this book for me and I finished it on such a high! This is a new favourite for me and I will definitely be trying more books by this author. I picked this book up in May and finished it in 2 days and gave it 5 stars. 

Have you read anything by Ali McNamara?

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