Wednesday, 16 December 2020

East End Angels - Book Review


I'm back with another book review and this one is a more recent read but I finished this book and needed to give my thoughts on it.

I have always been fascinated by wartime fiction and I said this year I wanted to try books in that genre and see if I enjoyed them and I adored this! It follows three girls Frankie, Bella and Winnie and I honestly loved the characters. It follows the three girls throughout their friendships, love and family in the 1940's and they are all part of the station Seventy-Five ambulance crew and I was honestly so invested in this story I just didn't want it to end. All the characters were very different in terms of their home lives but they all loved one thing and that was the ambulance service. Each time I picked the book up I was just transported into that world and nothing else mattered. The friendships were definitely one of my favourite parts of this book as they were just amazing friendships and I was just so happy they had each other. 

The book is set in the 1940's and it follows the girls through the air raids which I thought the author wrote everything incredibly well which made you feel like you were in the book, I do have to admit the chapters were a lot longer than I'm used to but I loved it and flew through the chapters. The love aspect of this book I loved and just overall adored this book so much and I'm so glad I finally read this genre as it's definitely one I will keep reading so if you have any suggestions just let me know. I just found the book overall very bittersweet and I loved the ending which this is the first book in a series so I will definitely pick up the other books in the series and any other books from this author. I read this within two days from the 16th - 18th November and I gave it 5/5 stars!

Have you read anything by Rosie Hendry?

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