Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Favourite Series Of The Year!


I thought since book reviews and posts are now going to be a weekly thing on my blog I thought I would share with you a series I've read this year and I've just adored it. 

This series is the "Poplar Falls" series by Amber Kelly which I had never heard of this author until I saw the first book on Kindle Unlimited and decided to pick it up (So glad I did!) so the first book is called Rustic Hearts which is about a girl called Sophia who has to return to Poplar falls and is staying with her dad and she meets Braxton which they start off by meeting and just not getting on which makes her want to return to New York but they have to deal with each other which brings them closer to friendship and maybe more - The synopsis of the book sounds so predictable but this book was just so incredible! I adored Sophia as a character and I do think she was quite relatable when it comes to book characters. Braxton was just the perfect character for this book and I became obsessed with him by the end of the book and you do become quite invested with the characters and the story so by the end of the book you are just hoping everything works out for the characters. Also the covers for each of the books in this series are just so stunning! I read this book in May 2020 and it only took me 2 days to finish this and I gave it 4/5 stars, the only reason I didn't give it 5/5 was the beginning was slightly slow for me and the romance does start out as a more slow burn romance but once the story picks up this book was just incredible. 

The second book in the series is called Stone Hearts and again what a stunning cover! This book is by far the favourite book for me in the series and I ended this book crying my eyes out which I can cry at books but this one I just felt so lost once I had finished it. This book follows Dallas who is the main character and I'm not sure what it was about her but from the first chapter she was just my favourite and I just adored her, you do meet all the characters throughout the books which is something I love about series so I already liked Dallas from the first book but this book just made me love her. She has a little boy called Beau and my god he was the sweetest character I've ever had in a book and again I adored him! Dallas had quite a bad relationship with Beaus dad which he is in prison so you do feel quite bad for her as she's still dealing with the abuse from that relationship but her relationship with Beau was so incredible. We then have Myers who is the football hero of the town but due to an injury he can't do that anymore. Throughout the book you can tell the romance and spark is there between the two and it was definitely a slow burn but it was so bitter sweet! This book without giving too much away takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions but it was incredible, the ending was a bittersweet ending but the epilogue made this book for me and but he end I was just crying and I have to say a book hasn't done that to me for a long time. I read this book in June which again it took me 2 days to finish this and I without a doubt gave it 5 stars. 

The third book in the series is called Wicked hearts which again stunning cover, This book follows Elle who is Braxton (The main character in the first book!) little sister and Walker who is a worker on Elle's family ranch which Elle was such a likeable character who I've loved when you've met her in the other books but you had never got to see the full character she was until this book. Elle has her life set out in a way of how she should be and where she should go in terms of her job and who she should be dating but she just wants something completely different. Walker is the character you know you shouldn't want but you do and overall I just thought he was a great character and again you could see the spark between them both but of course Elle knew he is off limits due to working at the ranch and him being one of her brothers closest friends but she can't help how she feels about him. I have to admit this book was a very slow burn in regards to being half way through before any romance had happened but I liked that as you were getting to know the characters on a more personal level first. I read this book in June too and finished it within a day (As you can tell by now I'm just so invested in these books!) I gave this 5 starts too. 

The fourth instalment of this series has now been released and I have actually recently finished it so I will do a review on it once I have my thoughts fully processed but I definitely love this series and its become one of my favourites of all time and I will definitely see what else the author has released as I just love her writing style and if this series is anything to go by I will love anything she releases.

Have you read any good series recently?

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