Friday, 11 December 2020

Lockdown 1.0


I was thinking if I should or shouldn't do this post but decided in the first lockdown we had I didn't actually have my blog back up and running but thought I wanted to document what I got up to and my feelings of lockdown 1.0

This post is going to be slightly different to what I would normally post but I thought I would share some of the photo's from lockdown, I spent most of lockdown in the garden enjoying the sun (Getting a lot of sunburn!) reading books, listening to music and podcasts, spending time with my family and just trying to cope in the situation on a daily basis. I was working from home for 2 weeks before I was put on Furlough for around a month and a half before restarting working from home. I have to admit the first few weeks of lockdown was a massive struggle for me mentally and physically as I wasn't used to having so much free time and nothing to do with it, I was so used to having a routine and structure so to have that taken away I really struggled. I had a lot of down days but I had a lot of days I look back now and think I really enjoyed that time we had. The weather was incredible so as I said I spent as much time as I could in the garden, we had a lot of bbq's to enjoy the weather and a lot of good food. Comfort in that time for me was mainly books but tv was another distraction for me and I have to admit I've never watched so many tv series until then. I was quite lucky as I still live at home so I had the comfort of having company but I did struggle not seeing my Nan or my other family members but I think of course everyone struggled with that side of things. My health took a massive change in the first lockdown as I got myself into a routine of drinking more water, doing exercise and watching what I was actually eating so that was a positive. We had a lot of walks which I have to admit that was my favourite part of that time as the exercise and fresh air was great but I think that also made us a family more closer and we all enjoyed getting out even if it was just for a little bit of exercise. I spent every day of lockdown with no makeup on which was a relief for my skin which of course created the odd breakout as my skin was definitely not used to no makeup everyday but I loved it. I enjoyed the little things more like a hot bubble bath, late nights with my candles burning, a hot drink in the evening whilst we all got cosy watching a tv series, the aching legs after a long walk and the constant contact we had with family members throughout that time. So let's get down to the photo's (I'm not going to put them all in here as there is a few!)

There is a lot more photo's but decided to just post a few, you can follow my instagram which is HERE if you want to keep up to date with me but overall after the first few weeks lockdown was actually the break I needed from my usual routine and work, of course I was very lucky to have my full pay as long as I used a few of my holidays so I could still pay my bills etc but of course I know the lockdown will of caused a lot of stress and worry for other people. This is a strange time round now even months later but I am trying to have more of a positive look on things to keep me in the right mindset. I also have to say in the first lockdown (This may be slightly TMI) but my body was clearly taking a while to adjust to the changes as for months my period was late every month even though it is normally clockwork and now months later it's still not fully back to normal. I am thinking of maybe doing a post in lockdown 2.0 but its a very different case for me as I am now back to work full time and am spending my spare time sat in front of my laptop, watching tv or reading books so there wouldn't be much to document.

How did you find lockdown 1.0?

Meg xo 

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