Friday, 4 December 2020

New In - W7


I thought I would do a little posts sharing a few things I've picked up from the brand W7 recently and they are a brand I love to try things from as they do dupes of other high end products. 

I can't remember where I actually saw these which made me pick them up it may of been someones instagram I'm not 100% but I knew they wouldn't be too expensive to pick so thought I would give them a go and see how they would be and I was actually really surprised and just shows sometimes you don't need to pay a lot for quality palettes. 

Bronze Brilliance Bronze & Glow in Light/Medium - I wasn't on the hunt for a new bronzer palette but saw this and wanted to give it a go, I have to say this was a lot more pigmented than I expected when I first tried it but I do actually enjoy this and it would make it easy for traveling as you have everything you need. This palette has a highlighter and bronzer and then two blusher shades which I do actually enjoy both shades but I am quite light handed with them as I don't like too much blusher when I apply it but overall this palette has been great and I only paid £4.50 from Ebay so would definitely pick this up again simply because it is so inexpensive and for the quality. 

W7 Bare All Palette in Exposed - I adore eyeshadow palettes so when I see one which is my kind of shades I will automatically pick it up and this honestly hasn't disappointed me and I actually use this daily at the moment. The palette has 9 shades which 4 are shimmers and the rest are matte which I really like as I do apply shimmer on a daily basis when I'm wearing makeup. There's only one shade I don't think I would apply which is the light shimmer shade as it's just not the type of shade I would apply. I find this palette so good for the price this cost me £4 and the shades are so pigmented! I use this daily for just a simple everyday look and my favourite shades have to be the first shade on the first row and then the first shimmer on the second row and the third row I use the shimmer to switch it up every so often and then use the third shade on that row also and they are just so pigmented for the price. 

Have you purchased anything recently from W7?

Meg xo 

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