Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Book Sleeves


Today I thought I would share with you one of the things I seemed to be obsessed with buying last year.

Last year I seemed to be reading a lot more of my paperbacks and although I am very careful in regards to the condition of my books I am always slightly worried when I have them in my bag so I saw book sleeves a while ago and never thought much about them until I found a seller on Instagram and I now have so many different ones as I think they are great! I also have started purchasing them for my Kindle also just so I know its protected. I do like to keep my books and kindle in immaculate condition if I can and these definitely help! So the instagram page is @_lilyandco if you want to have a little browse but I will show you a few I have bought recently, I do have them from other places too but I always seem to go back to Chloe as she just had the most beautiful prints. 

This is a kindle sleeve and I just loved this fabric and knew I had to get myself one once I saw it, I just think they are great to know your books or kindle is protected so I can put it in my bag and not worry about it. I just loved how colourful this one was and it reminds me of my childhood so definitely needed to pick this one up and I'm so glad I did, this is more of the recent ones I've picked up but I love it.

This was I think the first I picked up (I now have that many I can't remember which was my first purchase!) but I had recently finished a book by Paige Toon and this fabric just reminded me of it and I love hot air balloons so wanted to pick this up. I love the pink fabric and the little pink button with the ribbon I just think its such a pretty fabric and again this is for my kindle but I just love it. 

This one is actually for a paperback book and this is the most perfect book sleeve ever! I love 101 Dalmatians so when I saw this print I knew I had to have this one. I love the white, black and red colours and just think again the fabric is stunning (I apologise if this photo is slightly blurry I think the pattern on the fabric messed with my camera lens so it didn't take the photo properly!)

I will definitely be picking up more of the sleeves which I do have more in my little collection but just wanted to show you a few otherwise this would of been a long posts but I'm so glad I found book sleeves as I think they are great, I normally take my book to work for when I'm on my lunch so its nice to have something to protect my books. I do have a lot more kindle sleeves as I do seem to reach for my kindle more just for practicality and its easier to carry around but I definitely have a few sleeves for paperbacks for when I do actually pick them up but I just love knowing my stuff is protected.

Do you own any book sleeves?

Meg xo 

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