Friday, 22 January 2021

CONCERT - James Arthur


I thought this week I'd do something I've not done on my blog before which is speak about recent concerts I've been to (There is just one due to Covid!) but I do have quite a few concerts booked and thought it would be something different to bring to my blog.

The concert was at First Direct in Leeds for the 11th March just before Covid hit but it was rescheduled due to James Arthur suffering with loss of voice so it was then rescheduled for the 16th March and we finally got to go! I have wanted to see James Arthur for so long and was so happy when I got tickets to go see him - I have to admit looking at these photo's back to what it's like now it just quite sad to think of what we could do before without even thinking about it. 

This was the first ever concert my Dad and my Brother had been to so I was hoping they both enjoyed it and enjoyed the atmosphere I honestly don't think anything beats live music and concerts are something I just love going to. The night was definitely one I really enjoyed as I do love James Arthurs music so I was just loving being in that atmosphere and I had such a lovely time. I do have to admit I didn't get too many photos as it was mainly videos simply because I didn't think I would write this post but thought it would be something different and hopefully (Fingers Crossed!) I will have more of these posts to write if anymore of my concerts decide to actually go ahead.

My Mum has been to quite a few concerts years ago so this was also more of a recent thing for her too but my Mum had actually been listening to a lot of James Arthurs songs before the concert so she knew a lot more of the songs rather than my Dad and Brother so we were both having a good time. The arena wasn't as full due to the rescheduling but it was still pretty full if you think of the restrictions in place now due to Covid. 

The set list was most of his new songs from his album but he did a few of his olds songs too which was good as I love most of his songs so I thought it was great. We all had a lovely time and as I said I did have a lot of concerts booked for 2020 which all got rescheduled so hopefully they may go ahead this year or next so I can do more of these kinds of posts as I love to look back and stuff like this. 

Did you go see anyone live in 2020?

Meg xo 

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