Friday, 15 January 2021

My Experience - Working From Home


This week I thought I would do something slightly different and talk about my experience with working from home and what helps me get through the days and little tips I've found that help me. 

I thought this would be a good post as I know a lot of people are probably working from home currently, I have to admit my company is doing a rota of working from home and so many days in the office so that does give a slight bit of routine to my week but for anyone who is working from home 24/7 I know it can be quite lonely and if anything makes me quite deflated in terms of trying to be productive. As the months have gone on I do think I've found a slight routine which works for me so I don't feel too deflated and can still keep myself motivated and on track so I know all my work has been completed for the day so I thought I would share a few tips - 

To - Do List - I know this one may seem quite obvious but each evening before I switch my laptop off I make a list of all the jobs I need to complete for the following day so I know once I've started my work for the day I know exactly what needs to be done to make sure I stay on track with my workload. 
Take Breaks - This is something I didn't start doing until recently as I would just think I'm working from home and need to be sat at my laptop all day for any incoming work but thats definitely the wrong mindset to have, take breaks even if its small ones every so often just to get yourself away from your screen. 
Lunch Break - This one was another I didn't do until recently as I would just have my lunch at my laptop but again mentally that won't help you have a break, I actually get an hour for my lunch which I now spend my lunch break having my lunch whilst reading my book or listening to a podcast or actually taking a small walk just to get that bit of fresh air and again to get away from your screen. 
Have Background Noise - I have always known I work better with a bit of background noise and I'm quite lucky my job doesn't involve many phone calls so for me when I'm working from home I will have a podcast or music playing in the background but also some days if it seems a relatively quiet day I will have Netflix or Youtube in the background just so you don't feel like its just you and the laptop. 
Don't Put Pressure On Yourself - I am so bad at this! But try to not put pressure on yourself to do extra work than what's on your to-do list as this just causes me to stress and for a lot of people this is a new situation to be in so take each day as it comes and if you need an easier day one day just do what work comes in and the rest can be caught up on another day, I believe I work better when I'm not stressed or anxious so don't put pressure on yourself to complete stuff if you know its not realistic. 
Stick To Your Working Hours - This is another I was bad at when I first started working from home as I would think if I start earlier I could get on top of my workload or finish later just to finish a job. Definitely don't do this as you need to remember the work/life balance and for me working over never helps my workload or how I feel so I've now started to make sure I turn my laptop on just as I am about to start and switch it off on my actual finish time - 100% makes the day feel like a working day and not just working tirelessly until a job is done. 

Those tips may seem quite basic but for me thats what I've been doing which is just sticking to the basics so I know I can get through each day, working from home is a lot harder than I expected it to be as I do seem to get quite lonely if I am in the house on my own. I do lack motivation some days but I just try to stick to my to-do list so I know I am keeping on top of my work. I've definitely found having background noise helps me concentrate and get into the zone to work and it's nice to just have that laid back style of working for a while. I do find myself quite anxious and stressed some days but it's just something I am trying to take in my stride as I know a lot of people are in the same situation currently. I try to make sure I take breaks just to give myself that little break from work which when I wasn't doing that I definitely saw a difference in myself mentally. My job sometimes can be a bit full on depending on my workload and how the day is so I definitely remind myself to take that break now even if its just to read a chapter of my book it means I return back to work a bit more refreshed. I would still say each week is a learning curve for me but I seem to have found a routine which helps me to keep myself mentally in check which is a relief. If you are working from home and have any tips which help you get through the day please do pop them in the comments so I can have a look to see if theres anything else I could do!

How are you finding working from home?

Meg xo 


  1. I have a friend who works from home and she struggles, she's up until stupid o'clock at night! Ill have to give her these pointers! Great post xx

    1. Thank you so much! I hope these tips help as I definitely was the same, thank you for reading xx